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FarmVille 2 Timer for Zynga’s FarmVille 2 game follows in the footsteps of the original popular timer for Farmville.This is NOT the game, It is however a very efficient tool for anyone playing the game regularly with an Android smartphone/tablet who wants to keep a track of their crops and avoid any wasted withered crops.The tool is designed to be as simple to use and as reliable as possible in order for you to setup alarms and receive notifications for your crops with the least amount of input necessary. Simple but effective, don’t miss your harvest time again!Create alarms either by selecting from the crop list, selecting from your favourites or even tapping the microphone button and speaking the crop name. You can even create your own custom named timers, and for those hardcore players with multiple farms, you can enter the name of the farm so you know which crop is located where. Accessing the main menu gives you options to delete your expired alarms, access help, access options to change your alarm sound.Please note again, this is a Timer, NOT the game itself. Only Zynga create the game, the purpose of this is just to let you create alarms as you plant your crops so you will be notified when they are ready to prevent any accidents and dreaded ‘withered’ crops….If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please join the community page on Facebook are provided en Español, German and FrancaisI hope you enjoy this free tool.Thanks to Jose Martinez & Richard Tannenbaum for translations. Note: The names Zynga, Farmville 2, Farmville and Facebook are all copyright of their respective owners.

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