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DeveloperEnrique L
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by On January 13, 2011
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Farver (the Danish word for "colors") is a program that calculates the average color for a certain concept or word. It has been developed by Enrique López Mañas, although the original idea is from Douwe Osinga. He first did a desktop based application and some time ago I wanted to do a web based application (but he was faster and developed another web application). It uses the Google Image Search API and PHP as a primary language. The source code can be download from hereWhen you type a word and click on the formular, the program looks for the first 8 images at Google, and retrieves the thumbnails. Then all the pixels are analyzed and the average resulting color is exposed as an hexadecimal value.There are still some improvements to be done. I could measure the value of the most repeated RGB value to determine the color, or extracting the main area of the picture to perform the data analysis. If you have any suggestion you want to share, send me an email to design has been done by Patricia Mateos Romero

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