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FaxFile sends fax files or documents,including PDF files, stored on your Android device to any fax number in the USA/Canada and with limited international support. Send a fax as simply as selecting a file and entering a fax number.FaxFile supports sending via fax PDF and Microsoft office Word documents (.doc or .docx). It can also send as a fax images in PNG and JPG formats. Enabling you to fax images saved by your phone's camera.Supports sending a fax to contacts or typed in fax numbers for a one-off fax.You will need to purchase fax credits through the Google play store to send a fax. Fax credits are not refundable in whole or in part (bad numbers still cost us).We will automatically retry faxes that don't go through initially - no additional charge and you don't need to do anything.There is no setup fee and no monthly subscription required in order to send faxes. NOTE: for international faxes, check the international rate table in the application before purchasing credits to verify that the country(ies) you care about are supported.Faxes transfer in the background from your phone to our servers. We'll reattempt your fax automatically if it doesn't go through on the first fax attempt. Fax status is returned to the application at each step.If a fax fails to go through PLEASE call the number and verify that a fax machine is actually answering. This is the number one problem with failed faxes. Don't rely on "of course the fax machine is working".Fax formats of image files (photos of documents) takes quite a while to transfer and send as a fax.Allow at least 2 minutes per page to transfer and two minutes to fax if you are sending a scan or image (photo) file. More if your data connection maybe ... slow. See the introductory help in the FaxFile app and FAQ for more information.Works with all Android devices including tablets. Requires network access of some sort. WiFi usually best.

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