Fearless! (Demo)


Fearless! is a revolutionary new app which aims to add some excitement into people’s everyday lives. Particularly good when used on a night out, the idea is to take it in turns to randomly select a challenge by hitting the ‘Go’ button. A user specified time limit can also be applied once the challenge has been selected. The app randomly selects a challenge from user created lists. Users can create several lists tailored for particular occasions.Typically, if someone refuses to complete the challenge then they must do a forfeit, for example buy a round of drinks for everyone in the group.The demo version is limited to 2 lists with a maximum of 10 challenged per user generated list. The timer is also preset to 5 minutes. For unlimited lists and challenges, adjustable timer and player tracking please consider downloading the full version. Available for just 50p from the play store!Fearless! is originally based on the ‘Diceman’ idea.

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