Fields of Gold


Fields of Gold – Book 2- Short Story 8,900 words approx.Theodore Cooper has admired Rose, the daughter of a rival merchant from afar.When Theo and Rose travel out of town for supplies – two things loom over them Death and Love What will fate choose?Seattle – 1898If you enjoyed Fields of Gold read:Rush of Love- Book 1Samuel Cooper just returned to Seattle after hitting it big in the Klondike Gold Rush. After meeting Opal-is money the only thing that makes a man rich, or does he need love too?Review from Deborah Schneider-Award Winning Author:Jennifer Conner has crafted a sweet love story that uses the hectic days of the Alaskan Gold Rush in Seattle as a unique setting. Her characters charm you with their sweetness and the love story will leave you wanting more from this talented author.Books to Go Now, eBook Publsiher, ebook, historical romance, sexy, gold, gold rush, Seattle, Droid, authors, short stories, short story, author, writers, writing, Amazon, Overdrive, PDF,, digital publisher, Seattle, story, stories, ebook, e-book, pdf, lit, html, publish, publishing, publisher, publication, publications, buy, buy here, purchase, sale, shop, shopping, download, read, reads, reader, reading, author, authors, digital, electronic, book, books, best seller,

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