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Filtershot+ lets you edit your photos directly from your phone or tablet. Apply western-style filters, old-timey filters, 70s/80s filters, and modern photography filters with Filtershot.Simply take a photo (or select one from your device), apply a filter that makes your photo pop, and either save it or upload it directly to Facebook.????? Filtershot+ now has additional exclusive features! ?????(If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em)Filtershot+ has all of the features that Filtershot has (plus all of the additional features if you unlocked them in the free version), as well as exclusive features that you’ll only get with THIS app! We have decided to add extra features to this app because users were expecting more features from Filtershot+ (even though they already paid for them in Filtershot!)These features are exclusive to this app (for a limited time). This means that all future filters, effects, frames, and features will make it to THIS app before they get added to Filtershot (the free version). ?? If you already bought Filtershot, please don’t also buy this one! Early features aren’t worth buying the same app twice! ??????? Exclusive features in 2.2 ????? ? Frame Shadows – this feature allows you to customize your frames even more by adding a shadow effect. ? New Filters – ace, funk, caposhi, dub, dawn, dusk, sunspot, and zombie are now available in the Filters section!??????????????????????????????????? ? This release features 45 awesome filters (with 60 frames, shadow effects, 35 overlays, and 23 vignettes) for you to choose from. The filters are categorized into three groups: Vintage (older-type effects), Modern (newer effects), and Circus (fun effects).(BTW – The filter names are each named after a slang term of the era that the filter is emulating.)?? Menu item color key ??Black items: these items are available.Red items: these items are only available if you select "buy" from the free app, or if you purchase Filtershot+Blue items: these items are ONLY available in Filtershot+.Tags: filters, photo filters, photo editing, photo editor, filtershot, filter shot, effects, frames, overlays, picture frames, picture effects, picture filters, vintage filters, old filters, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, western, free app, free

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