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For the world traveler who is looking for something more...The slang phrasebook for all your language translation needs.You’re in Angeles City and just downed your last San Miguel for the night. Your vision is blurry but enough to see that the bathroom is twenty steps away from your barstool. As you stumble toward the door marked “CR”, Mary Joy, the girl you just bought a shot for walks past you with her purse looking like she is about to leave.You gently grab her by the wrist. “Wait…” She looks at you with a mischievous grin. “I… I… We… should….”Damn. You’re at a loss for words. With your other hand you fumble in your pocket for a second and out comes your phone. You press the hot pink F icon on your screen.It’s time to get Filthy!!Over 1000 PhrasesSlang, Curse, Swear, Bad Words and Insults, Dirty Sex Terms, Pick-up linesSMS Integration: You can text the phrases!Email Integration: You can email the phrases!Twitter IntegrationNOTE: No audio translation at this time.Keywords: France, French, Spanish, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, China, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italy, Italian, Portuguese, Portugal, Brazil, Brazilian, Thailand, Thai, Philippines, Tagalog, Japanese, Japan, Dictionary

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