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With this LWP app you can your fingerprint. Place your finger on the screen and watch it get scanned over and over in this cool Live Wallpaper.This is a Live Wallpaper that will be enjoyed by many people.And best of all the app doesn't have any annoying "PUSH ADS" and doesn't have any annoying "ICON ADS".Enjoy this beautiful LWP without getting harassed or annoyed with Intrusive ads. We only use appwalls and will only be visible on the settings screen and when launching the app.Once the LWP is set and running you wont be seeing anymore ads. You will be able to enjoy your live wallpaper in peace.About BG-Livewallpapers:Bg-LiveWallpapers is a 2 man team that provide free Live Wallpapers for all Android usersusing hardly any ads at all. We dont use "PUSH ADS" which are anoying and intrusive.We also dont use "ICON ADS" which are also intrusive and most people dont know how to get rid of them.The only ads we place in our apps are appwall ads which lets users downloadthe "FREE APPS OF THE DAY" or other Offers.So by choosing us for your source of Live Wallpapers you will be getting a nice "Quality"free Live Wallpaper with hardly any ads in them at all.Thank you for checking us out and please look at our other apps and dont forget to leave us feedback.This app has been tested and working on the following devicesSamsung Galaxy S III SIII 3Samsung Galaxy S IV SIV 4HTC Droid DNASamsung Galaxy PlayerSamsung Galaxy Note IIMotorola Droid RazrMotorola Droid BionicHTC Droid IncredibleBut should work on all phones that support Live Wallpapers

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