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FingerSmoke Live Wallpaper, a realistic interactive particle physics simulation of smoke, air currents, plasma and OMG FIRE! Your finger sprays aerosol fuel that ignites, creating billowing clouds of smoke plumes and jets of flame! The computational fluid dynamics engine powers both a live interactive wallpaper and transparent screen overlay mode. This is interactive, NOT A MOVIE! Enjoy hours of fun finger painting with smoke and fire.Missed calls notify by a freaking endless inferno of intense RED rocket flare notifications leaving a thick smoky undulating haze on your screen! BLUE for new SMS received, and PURPLE (magenta actually) if you both missed a call and got an SMS since last time you checked. Tapping on the screen will reset back to white smoke and turn off the rocket launcher.With one finger you create streams of smoke, with two fingers you create an air current that you can move around. When you first start FingerSmoke or when the orientation changes, you'll see the "FS!" logo embossed in flame and smoke explode and set off a swirling burning cloud of fumes.You get two applications with this package, one is FingerSmoke Live Wallpaper with the color notifications, and the other is a transparent overlay that runs ON TOP of your screen for when you just want to play with smoke goodness and not have the rest of your home screen in the way, but still be able to see updates to your other screen widgets such as news events, or maybe you want to load a photo into your regular wallpaper and make a smoky effect over it. What's more, you can actually run FingerSmoke Live Wallpaper underneath and FingerSmoke Overlay above and have a sandwich of independent smoke simulations surrounding your home screen, for that double smoke experience!The overlay mode has menu controls for setting any color you want and adjusting the brightness, as well as setting it into "trippy" mode which is actually a strange looking piece of accidental art. In live wallpaper mode, the smoke is white until you get a call, SMS or both; look for an update soon to enable setting notification colors.

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