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You're in Vegas and your task is to defeat as many players and earn as much money and fame as possible! Progress your character through increasingly luxurious Five Card Draw, Texas Holdem and Blackjack venues. Items you discover along the way will help you and add variations to the game (No-limit Holdem to Pineapple to Limit-Pineapple, for example). This is essentially a poker game at it's core with RPG elements. Game Features include:* 17 different Five Card Draw poker venues and * 12 Texas Holdem venues that increase in difficulty and rewards* 3 venues that offer Blackjack and Double Blackjack* 180+ unique characters with individual AI, playstyles and special moves (Note: A few characters appear dependent on what gender you play as and time of year)* Win consumable items after every game. Consume these items for a temporary bonus in your next game(s). These bonuses stack so you can either use them immediately for a small bonus, or stockpile the items and use them all later for larger bonuses.* Earn luxury items that you can equip to change the game up. Examples of this are a monocle that turns all Texas Holdem venues from No-Limit to Limit, a Golden-Deck that gives you gold cards and allows you to choose how many decks to play with in Five Card Draw, and more!* Loanshark offering loans (but make sure to pay your debts on time!)* Generate fame by defeating players (lose fame by being defeated, dependent on what order you go out)* Climb the dynamic player-ranking ladder by winning cash* Collect on bounties and defeat specific players for additional fame* Stats give you insight to your play-style along with where you've been and what you've accomplished* Retire with an ending tailored to your specific accomplishments in-game! Complete with high-scores list* Earn titles for your character based on your performance in-game, and upload your character's data to the website to see where you stand* Game goes on forever... and I am continually building new content. The game started as just Five Card Draw and overtime I added more venues, blackjack venues, texas holdem venues, items, etc.* No advertisements in my game, no nickeling or diming either.You can leave a poker game and return at any time, in addition you may have up to 3 different careers saved at a time.If you have a question or issue please let me know via email ( because Google doesn't let me answer comments. Many Thanks!

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