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Flash Back Cards is a general-purpose flashcards app. With this app, you can firmly memorize hundreds (or more) of flashcards by repetitive learning. When you review the flashcards, the app selects the cards you are about to forget, based on the theory of “Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve”, and presents the cards to you for reviewing. You can check the progress of your learning by seeing your forgetting curves for the cards and by seeing a bar chart plotting the number of the cards and the frequencies of the tests. These graphs will encourage your continuous learning. The app has strong capabilities of file input/output; you can create cards on your PC and import the cards to the app on your phone. The app can be used for vocabulary building (for any language), or memorization of historical events or chemical symbols, etc. An example of effective usage of the app is following. Every time you have a minute, for example, waiting friends or an elevator, you can quickly review the flashcards. When you find a term you want to memorize in your textbook, you enter the term in the “New Card” screen. If it is a bother to type the long definition of the term on your smartphone, you can enter it on your PC. To do this, you first export the undefined cards to your PC via e-mail. You fill in the definitions on your PC and send the cards back to your smartphone. Then, you can import the cards to your app.The author created this app inspired by the idea described in the book by Junko Edahiro (2001, in Japanese).

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