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Flashcards – Portuguese, Set 1

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Mastering verb conjugation is often the biggest challenge for students of Portuguese. Imagine a simple-to-use app that could help you practice verb conjugation while building vocabulary and improving your command of gender, articles, and prepositions. This flashcard set of 200 complete sentences will do just that for you!Our flashcards are created by professional instructors from Street Smart Brazil™ to help you practice & memorize verb conjugation while you build vocabulary. This first set covers the present indicative tense of four power verbs:* Ser* Estar* Ir* TerTo offer you a deeper learning experience, our cards contain complete sentences and are presented with the English version first. Your challenge is not only to conjugate the verb correctly, but also to master all the elements that make your statements correct and your communication effective.As you practice the conjugation of these power verbs, you will also:* Learn when to use Ser and when to use Estar* Add useful sentences to your repertoire * Build vocabulary that includes family, profession, nationalities, and adjectives* Learn colloquial Brazilian Portuguese expressions* Learn to use the present tense of the verb Ir to talk about the immediate future, as in “You’re going to love this”* Learn to use the construction “I have to get this”* Observe the use of articles and prepositionsThis app has:* 50 cards: Present tense of Ser* 50 cards: Present tense of Estar* 50 cards: present tense of Ir* 50 cards: present tense of TerLearn with the cards grouped by verb. Shuffle all the cards to challenge yourself and test your learning. Use the Options button on your phone to shuffle or reset. Slide your finger down to save a card to review it later.Divirta-se :)

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