FlipACoin (Two Face)


Two Face coin toss using 2 heads. Now are you going to be a good Harvey or a Bad Harvey. Inspired from The Dark Knight.. So flip a coin and see what comes up. Harvey Dent was seemingly destined for greatness. As Gotham City’s heroic District Attorney, he was intelligent, good-hearted, loving, and handsome, earning the nickname “Apollo.” But what no one realized was that Dent concealed a dark side borne out of childhood abuse. When he was young, his father would frequently play a sadistic "game," forcing little Harvey to play tails on a coin toss. Every time, Harvey would lose. And every time, he would be beaten senseless. Like us on Facebook..http://www.facebook.com/pages/LazyMobile/213191638755638PlugsBatman, Dark Knight,

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