Flock of Birds Live Wallpaper


Imagine you are lying on a grass field and looking up onto the clouds. There are also birds flying above you.Sounds relaxing?This live wallpaper shows a flock of birds flying around your screen. There clouds slowly passing by. Sometimes you will also see a passenger jet flying high above everything.All the graphics is hand-painted. The movement of the birds simulates realistic flocking behaviour. Clouds also move naturally according to the current wind speed.If you touch the screen, birds will get a little scared and will try to escape for a moment.These birds aren’t angry. And if you associate birds with only angry, breaking objects kind, you will be surprised how relaxing looking at them can be.This live wallpaper is 100% free. Works (tested) on Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But we are certain it will also run great on any other device. If you encounter any problems send an e-mail to: feedback@42labs.net.

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