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Since ancient times, flowers were a tool of love letters were a kind of lingua franca. This language appeared in Europe in the XVIII century called "salami", which translated from the Persian language means congratulations. Flower meant the whole phrase including answer questions and suggestions. We are the language of flowers was first introduced poet and translator DP Oznobishyn. He translated from the Persian language in the 30 years of the XVIII century book - "Salam, or the language of flowers", where more than 400 colors correspond to some kind of phrase. For example, sent darling lily, says: "Long and secretly I loved you." Reseda means: "Not your beauty and kindness captivated my heart." Rosa: "Can you believe?" Hyacinth: "The number of buds will tell you the day of the meeting." Geranium: "I secretly need to talk to you." Astra: "Do you love umiyesh permanently?" Cornflower: "Be simple as it is". Field cloves: "You're beautiful." Flower potatoes: "You outshines all!" Daisy: "I wish you all the best." Peonies: "What do you dohadlyvyy!" Mack: "You cite a dream." Leaf Roses: "No". Cherry: "How are you comforted me!" So as it turns out, nice and cute can communicate. Language of flowers, like any other language over time and supplemented changed. We offer you a modern dictionary floral language: Carnation - passion, love, courage. Hyacinth White - charm, beauty. Hydrangea - modesty; bell - constancy of love; Jasmine - attractiveness, affability; Iris - passion, zeal; Camellia - gratitude; lily of the valley - happiness; Lily - majesty, purity; Almonds - hope; magnolia - persistence and perseverance; Daisy - The goddess of fate; Mimosa - sensitivity; narcissus - respect; nots - love words - "Remember me"; Fern - sincerity; snowdrop - hope; Rose - love, happiness, and beauty; Daisy - innocence; red tulip - declaration of love; tulip (all colors) - beautiful eyes; violet - faithfulness, devotion; Cyclamen - brightness, extraordinary modesty; white chrysanthemum - truth; chrysanthemum red - like a tulip, declaration of love; What color flowers symbolize? Red - life, love, fire. Pink - youth. Yellow - weddings, happiness, youth, sun. But beware: some people tend to identify with the yellow separation. Green - hope, peace, peace. Blue - loyalty, trust. Black - mourning, celebration. White - purity, tenderness, innocence.

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