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For users of Flurry AnalyticsShows the information avaiable from the flurry api.Full Version.** PLEASE, if you have any problems or queries, e-mail the developer, the address is in the about box.This app will show.* Your flurry applications, of all types (Android, iPhone e.t.c).* For each App. Summary Total New Users Total Retained Users Total Sessions Average Session Length Average Active Users Events Versions For each of the above, you get to view a daily total & graph. For Events. Show Events & Totals, Graph. For Each Event Summary Of Total Count Total Sessions Users Last Day Users Last Week Users Last Month Average Users Last Day Average Users Last Week Average Users Last Month Parameters Each value, and graph percentages. Users Each Day Sessions Each Day Count Each Day For each Version, display all above information.* Screen lock while updating for long operations.* NOTES. ** You need to click the refresh button on the top screen to refresh data, may include sync at some time. ** Refresh is SLOW, flurry limit to 1 api call each second. ** Graphs - basic at the moment, will improve when interest in this app is shown. ** Flurry is used to track usage of this app.

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