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Trial Aviation Navigation- This software provides ILS approach and VOR, NDB, DME, RNAV navigation without ILS/VOR/NDB/RNAV equipment on board. This application is completely autonomous.- All aero data and maps are FREEUse this application for VFR FLYING ONLY!!! We are not responsible for any use of this application.Using application is at your own risk. FLY is FUN does not substitute any aircraft gauge or device. All data downloaded to this application can be incorrect and not valid. Informations displayed by this application are without any warranties.- Dynamic terrain map (colors depend of height above ground level)- Airspaces and navaids map- Route planning- AIRAC based the world navaid, WPTs, airports and airspaces database- Barometric altitude and vertical speed indicators – is your device has barometric sensor- Application can display:- Application can display: DME – distance to VOR, FIX, LOC, when using ILS, distance to RWY threshold ACC – GPS accuracy GS – Ground speed ALT – GPS or barometric altitude TRK – track: your current track BRG – Bearing to navigation item or RWY threshold when ILS approaching AGL – height above ground level (terrain) – GPS or barometric based ELE – Terrain elevation CAL – Correct altitude when ILS approaching (changing during approach) – When you have this altitude on your altimeter you are on the glide slope DEC – Current declination UTC – UTC time (from GPS) FET – Flight elapsed time (elapsed time when moving more than 25 knots) HDG – Heading bug CRS – Navigation aid course ETA – Estimate time of arrival to selected navaid (UTC) ETE – Estimate time enroute to selected navaid LT – Local time MGS – Max ground speed GAL – Geoid altitude SR – Sunrise time SS – Sunset time XTK – Cross track distance PRE – Current barometric pressure QNH – Adjusted QNH VSI – Vertical speedIf your device do not have menu button look here: ILS guidance (GPS and barometric sensor based)- VOR, NDB, DME, LOC, WPT etc. navigation (GPS based)- Dynamic terrain map (colors depend of height above ground level) – Ground proximity warning system- Airspaces and navaids map- AIRAC based the world navaid, WPTs, airports database- Route planning- Sunset / Sunrise calculator- Export and import from (to) Garmin devices and Google Earth via .gpx or .kml file- Recording your track and export it to .kml files (Google Earth)- Organize your nav items to folders- Easy setup your nav items in Google EarthMany thanks to Olivier from France and Sergej from Russia and Juergen from Germany for their help.See short user guide: you have any suggestion how to improve this application or you find some bug please visit, ILS, GPS, LOC, FIX, navigation, aviation, avionics, glass, cockpit, aircraft, plane, IFR, VFR, terrain alert, compass, altimeter, HSI, PFD, navigation aid database, altimeter, logger, declination, simulator, moving map, sunrise sunset calculator, RNAV, GPS ILS VOR glasscockpit, pressure, barometric sensor, baro altitude, VSI, airspaces, GPWS, METAR, TAF

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