*Flying alarm clock


Sending alarm with sms to one or a group of friends at once.remind them any time.It is fast and simple.Powerful and easy using alarm clock.If you like this app ,Please rate it :)we would love to hear your feedback.Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feature requests.-tags:alarm clock,nap time,sms alarm,msg,sleep,awake,Xtreme,ElectricSleep,Alarm Clock Plus,AlarmDroid,Gentle Alarm,Sleep as an Droid,better alarm clock,hyper,myclock,wakeup,autiful Widgets,digital alarm,smart alarm clock,kaloer,snooze,col reminderFeature:*Local alarm*sms alarm*nap alarm *contacts filter*world time support*Custom Settings option*Phone button setting*unlimited alarms*music alarm*gentle alarm volume ramp up*alarm in slient mode*screen orientation *shake to snooze*shake sensitivity*max number snoozes*auto-snooze*option to keep screen locked keepingthe phone safe in your pocketand much more!flying alarm clock app setup is needed for the receiver

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