Football Manager Personal (en)


Application to manage the team scores / members / such as soccer and futsal.Can be displayed in the team rankings (goal, assist, save) When you register a game result.In addition, With support functions such as referee for the game (time, score, card).All functions are simple operations can be performed.Please use the management situations, such as his team and club and group activities.Specification recommended method is to take advantage of every year to register the team.Will make it easier to see the game on a yearly basis and ranking history.Case)Club – 2011Club – 2012MyTEAM – 2011MyTEAM – 2012Etc.## Main feature ##1)Team management–Members to manage the team and organization.2)Match Result management–Management selection and ranking of the team game history.3)Referee support–Game time, score, card (yellow, red) on one screen management.## Corresponding terminal ##Available at the terminal with more than version 2.1 of the AndroidOS.You may also terminal part does not work properly. Please be patient.–Automatic scale with respect to the terminal is not supported yet.–If you look hard, please use at any time to expand.## The next version will be up ##Mail delivery to match results.Sound the whistle function with the assistance referee.Etc.

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