Football Mania HD (Free)


Award Winning High Definition Game: Football Mania HD – Now on Android ! Bounce the ball on your finger for as long as possible without lifting your finger off the screen. Avoid hitting the sides, or the ground. Game gets crazier as the score increases. Don’t miss the bonus lives ! – Plenty of official footballs to choose from, variety of themes to play on. Have fun !Features:? High-definition, optimum graphics Android based game? Physics-based ball movements? Lag-free, smooth, addictive game-play? Sounds effects + Musics + Vibrations enabled? Accelerometer support? Variety of 10 different balls to choose from (Full version only)? Variety of 4 different background themes to choose from (Full version only)? Camera-based live theme to play where ever you are any time ! (Full version only)Coming Soon:? Camera based bounce on your hand/foot real-time (Full version only)? Online (Global) High Scores (Full version only)Compatible Devices:? Works best on all Android HD or 1080p phones/tablets? Compatible with non-HD screen Android devices as wellComments, Suggestions, Complaints are welcome. Email at:

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