Footy Timekeeper


Easily timekeep football matches using Footy Timekeeper.Footy Timekeeper is designed for AFL matches.You can use this app to timekeep local matches or take it along to the game with you so you know exactly how long is left.Footy Timekeeper allows you to set a custom quarter length for junior leagues or other modified competitions.Footy Timekeeper also has a projected quarter length. This takes into account the current amount of time-on in the quarter and then calculates approximately how long the quarter will go for.The app vibrates whenever the clock is stopped or started to ensure that the you do not accidentally start or stop the clock.Some basic rules of timekeeping AFL matches:-Stop for bounces, restart when ball is bounced-Stop for any score when the goal umpire makes the behind or goal signal, restart when the player kicks out or at the centre bounce-Stop when boundary umpire calls throw in, restart when ball leaves hand-Stop when umpire places one arm in air, restart when they do it again (usually when there is a delay in play)Timekeeping AFL matches is not easy and this app makes it as easy as possible so that you can focus on the game.

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