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This application helps to study foreign languages. Now you can study korean, study english, study russian and study chinese everywhere! It contains language cards with words for different subjects and phrases. Also it supports voice and phonetics for every language. User can mark any word and create his own list of words for further study. Every study language combination has its own independent list of marked words. Also there is a self-check mode where user manually tries to input the translation and the green mark is shown if it's correct. There are basic and advanced levels which could be useful for boths beginners and experienced students. Advanced level could even help to prepare for the exams like TOEIC and TOEFL. Now the application supports Korean, English, Chinese and Russian languages.Main application features:- Expanded Words Database - 4000+ words: - Learn Korean, Learn English, Learn Russian, Learn Chinese!- Phonetics support - phonetics button is available for every word- Voice support (special TTS engine should be downloaded from Market)- Words list compiled by the user- Basic and advanced levels - Self-check mode - user enters the translation and the app checks if it is correct- Widgets - widget shows the word changable by user touch or by timer- Words list search support - the list of words containing user defined sub-string- Theme support - user can select a different color theme- Next card double click mode - see next card by simple click already viewed one- Tablets support - tested and verified at Android HoneycombIf you want to get voice support you need:- Enable Voice in this application "Settings"- Press "Check Language" option and:-- Install Voice engine-- Download and Install PicoTTS, eSpeak TTS, EasyTTS or any other voice app (from Market or Internet)-- Enable installed app in Advanced voice settings-- Set it as default voice engine in Advanced voice settings-- Restart the application (use task manager for this)The following permission are requested for the ads:- phone calls (read phone state and identity)- network communication (get ads from internet)- your location (show ads specific to your country)- network communication (to check network state and save battery)

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