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Fortunes of War

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This is the premier fantasy card game for Android, created in the spirit of other wildly popular trading card games such as Magic the Gathering, Dominion, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon!Fortunes of War is a uniquely fast-paced, easy to learn, and strategically challenging game offering many modes such as single player campaign, quick AI matches, ranked multiplayer games, achievements, tournaments and more!You begin with a small deck of Fortune Cards that represent power, wealth and ability. Players take turns drawing a hand from their deck, playing their Fortune Cards, and purchasing new cards from The Card Market. You grow more powerful over the course of the battle with each Fortune Card gained. The key to victory comes in developing a strategy to build up your deck's Victory Points, while at the same time countering your opponent's strategy!In Conquest Mode you are The Conqueror: A powerful warlord bent on world domination. Your secret weapon is the guidance of an enslaved fortune teller named Hagar, who has shown you the path to victory with his mystical visions. Follow his wisdom as you battle your way through the non-linear campaign – challenge the powerful Moon Elves, sly Humans, and vicious Orcs!Recent Additions* Playable step-by-step tutorial* UI improvements and optimizations* Disable "pop-up" cards option* Join the ranked multiplayer queue!* Create a private game for friendly play!* Create a profile that tracks wins/played, rating, achievements and more!* 1500 point-based rating system with Leaderboard.* Over 120 Achievements!* AI substitution for inactive players.* AI substitution for long queue times.FORUMS:

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