Fountain of Youth


Have you ever wanted to feel and look younger?Would you believe that five easy, low-impact exercises could shed literally years off your looks and make you feel 20 years younger?Well, there is a secret… and for decades, this set of simple to follow exercises has been called “The Fountain of Youth”. The purpose of this App is to present the Five Tibetan Rites, an exercise “practice” in a practical and easy to understand way, so that anyone can get the anti-aging benefits of this simple, daily routine. This App contains videos that provide an introduction to the Five Tibetan Rites, including why you should practice them and what the intention each rite serves for your body. There are videos that break down individual rites, showing you step-by-step instructions about how to do them and a section that shows all five in one single practice.Also, this App has the complete book “The Eye of Revelation”, which is the original book that was passed down these 5 Tibetain Rites and the anti-aging yoga exercises. Also, there is a section of videos for early morning Yoga, most of which you can actually do in bed, and a cool documentary about how to stay young.Download this App NOW and start your path to your very own Fountain of Youth!

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