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***We are no longer able to support versions of the app prior to 2.0, please upgrade to the latest version to continue using the Fox Business Android app.***Please note: With this update your My Stocks list will need to be reset. Stay connected to the fast-paced business world with the new and improved Fox Business app for Android. News and Videos • Access up-to-the-minute news and market data throughout the trading day and after-hours• Get the latest headlines in technology, personal finance, small business, travel and politics • Share articles and videos with your friends and colleagues via email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn• Catch up on your favorite Fox Business Network shows with video clips from recent episodesStocks • View market data by tapping an index on the latest tab. • Search stocks by symbol or company name.• Check out market futures after-hours for the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500. My Stocks • Create a watch list by searching and adding stocks to the My Stocks page. • Set alerts to be notified when a stock exceeds or falls below a set price. Charts • Tap the chart icon on any stock page to see day, week, month, and year charts. • Select a point on the chart to see how it performed at a specific point in time, or select two points to see the difference in performance between those points in time. The Power to Prosper™

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