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Have you ever had trouble selecting the right ringtone volume for your cell phone or had to frequently change the volume manually to match what you are doing and where you are? Is it so loud in the office that your colleagues stare at you when it rings in the office? Or is it so mild that you miss the call when you are in the kitchen at home and cell phone in the bag? Or do you also want the ringtone to be completely silent when you go to sleep? Here we go! RingTone Volume Scheduler (RVS) is the ONLY Android app to automatically change the Ringtone Volume of your Android Mobile according to your defined/customized time schedule. It is best for the user who has a daily life routine. No manual changes any more for several times a day to your mobile ringer volume. You do not need to do anything even if you restart your cell phone; RVS will start automatically when your cell phone is powered up and chooses the preferred volume according to your defined schedule. All automatic now after a one-time setup - Easy, Convenient and Powerful.With RingTone Volume Scheduler (Professional Version), you can customize your ringtone volume from the largest level to silent (with or without vibration) based on your different needs. For example, if you don’t want your cell phone to ring too loud after you go to bed, you just need to create a “sleep mode” by telling RVS: 1) the “start” and “end” time of this mode; 2) the desired ringtone volume for this mode. With just a one-time schedule to define these 2 criteria, RVS will help you achieve your needs automatically going forward. Of course, you can add/edit/delete various “ringtone volume modes” with RVS based on whatever your needs are.RVS is designed in a plain and straightforward way (no bothering ads in Version Pro1.0) and you will quickly get used to the settings by simply playing it for a while. Please feel free to email us or check our website for more detailed information and instructions.

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