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Most of us use mobile phone search internet and the WiFi/Wlan hot spot support connect internet easily! But if you open WiFi when you do not need search internet, it will waste phone battery power and phone traffic. If you can set a wifi off and on time automatically, all problems will be solved.Characteristics:free-appset wifi on/off phone power and phone wifi switch control.Just turn-off the wifi using the power control widget or the setting menu. Whenever you set your wifi off, you will be prompted to enter the time at which you would like your WIFI to be turned back on.Just turn-on the wifi with setting menu or others. Whenever you set wi-fi on, you will be prompted to enter the time at which you would like your WIFI to be turned back off.The time page appeared will always be initialized to the current time. Press + & - to set wifi on or wifi off time. Press PM or AM to change.After the timer setted, it will show you a notifictaion in notifictaion bar (if your phone supported this function). You can select the notification to adjust or cancel the timer.If you think the prompted is really trouble, you can uninstall this app and back to former mode.App Using Way:Install and open this app.Press setting to set timer on wifi activation or wifi deactivation.Back to former page and tap DOWN to finish setting.Slide down notification in phone notification bar to adjsut or cancel (this function may do not supported by all android system.)You can use setting system to turn on or off wifi and set the wifi switch time.----------------------Must Known---------------------------------------------------------~~~Ad statement: Everyone can install this android app to phone without paying. To keep software free, we cooperate with othercompany and allow add some icon advertisements or notification ads. Hope you can understand us.~~~I think you are good enough to rate with five stars. Hope you have time to make comments.~~~Any issues you find, can send me email.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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