Fretter Lite


Fretter is the new kid. The weird kid. But also the awesome kid. Instead of using databases, it calculates chords! No longer are you limited to predefined chords or a few tunings. Slashed chords, advanced chords, Fretter knows them all. You can even do reverse lookups! It’s the ultimate ChordFinder!Feature list:* Support for Guitar, 4,5-string Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Pipa and Lute and Custom Instruments* 50+ chordtypes* Tunings: 75+ predefined, custom* Added bassnote (C/D)* Reverse lookup* Full Inversions * Chord Intervals* Scales* Note Names* Hear how every diagram sounds* Left Handed OptionAndroid Specific Features* App to SD Support* Backup Manager Support==Trial version has limited chordtypes, but full reverse lookup and scales==

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