Frog Basketball


* AboutFrog Basketball, a free Box2D and cocos2d-x arcade 8-bit physics based game by Seven Leaf. Retro pixel art makes Frog Basketball an interesting experience for gamers of all ages and experiences.With you frog, jump your way into a ever-shrinking hoop as you try to get a high score.* DescriptionIntuitive swipe controls make Frog Basketball easy to play but difficult to master. Trust us, launching frogs into basketball goals is quite fun!One of the sweetest games to hit the Android Market in a long while! We hope you enjoy our free frog jumping gameKiip enabled! Win real world prizes while playing Frog Basketball!* StoryThis specific frog was born in an alternate universe where the sky changes colors as he ages. Without you, he would sit there bored and die of old age, but since you came along, he gets to enjoy a few good years of jumping before he croaks!– Frog Basketball is the first game for Android by Seven Leaf

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