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Fully functional and less capacity, do not be surprised!Speed ​​optimizer "Fry Fun" apply only necessary for the effective use of smart phones is a system optimization applications.Occurred in the operating process memory by deleting one app does not shut down or smart devices pleasant environment.ON / OFF of automatic optimization feature for the user's convenience.Widget features the art toy of the character "Fryfun" memory proportional to the share of a variety of facial expressions and you can view the action.Desktop memory share rises Fryfun will have to change.They sucks even harder inside your phone. Shall touch smart and pleasant environment and enjoy the character of the desktop.[Features]■ Applications Herbal exitApplication is running "exit" or "complete shutdown" can be■ Memory OptimizationIs a tool to help clean up unnecessary memory used to process optimization of smart devices byYour phone's speed is slowed down if you use this feature to increase the speed.■ Automatic settingIs the ability to terminate the automatic memory management and application optimization.30min: 30 progress to optimize every minute.1hour: 1 time optimization progress.Screen: The screen is lit whenever the optimization progress.■ widgetWidget features cute characters "Fryfun" optimization can be performed.Unnecessary memory proportional to the change in the status of the various characters while checking share with one-touch memory optimization.[Support]All Android models supported creating the perfect App, we need your help.Service. Allow better bug reports, please send to "" AppIn this case, you use your phone model name and Android version of us would be appreciated.▶ how the widget installed ◀1 Press and hold an empty space on the desktop.2 When the 'Add to Home Screen' menu, 'Choose widget'.3 The desired widget from the widget selection menu, please select the appropriate icon 'fryfun' memory optimized sizes (1X1, 2X2, 3X3, 4X4).[Development]- Software : Mamp- Design : AfrodesignAll questions relating to applications in Afrodesign can help.jeycorp2011@gmail.com○ '프라이펀', 'Fryfun' is copyrighted and legally protected.Unauthorized distribution, and illegal theft (copy) when you can get the legal punishment.Copyright ⓒ 2011 Jeycorp. All Rights Reserved.

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