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NOTICE FROM THE DEVELOPER (as of 2/15/2012): We have been receiving many reports that the app is refusing to work on some phones. The main report is that it loads the episode list and then does not play. If this occurs for you, please uninstall the app within the time limit after downloading it and you will be fully refunded. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we are working to fix the problem. We are not a major development company -- our entire staff is composed of high school students and AP test season is approaching. Thank you for your understanding and patience on the matter -- the app will be in full working order as soon as possible (probably within a few weeks).NOTICE: Do not download this if you do not have Adobe Flash Player on your phone. It will not work. You have been warned.Why download two applications to watch your favorite "fake" news shows when you can have one app to watch them both (and take half the space?)Watch the latest episodes of both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report in full-screen! The latest episodes are automatically listed for you to select from and easily view any episode aired in the past four weeks. Unlike other applications that simply link you to the "Full Episodes" section of and, this application takes you directly to the flash video itself, allowing for full-screen, beautiful resolution episode-watching!If you have any problems or you want to report a bug, first read the known issues section below and then email me with your device name and a description of what the issue is. I will be making updates to this app often and I want to improve it as much as possible!Feature suggestions will also be taken by email. Thank you so much for your ideas!Features:* Lists the episodes aired in the past four weeks and links directly to the full-screen video* Saves a ton of time and gives you much better quality video than you would get by viewing the site in your mobile browser* Loading times are quicker than other apps* Easy-to-use and intuitive interfaceKnown Issues:* Once at the video, some tested phones could not interact with the Flash video -- this is due to the fact that Flash does not like to play nice with mobile platforms. This issues also occurs when watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report through the mobile web browser, though.* On the same phones that had difficulty interacting with Flash, their were occasional times when the video would stop playing and the screen would temporarily go dark before reconnecting and loading the video in the right back to where it was (as if it had been paused). These intervals seem to replace (and are shorter than) commercials -- so this is either a bug or a feature, depending on how you look at it. This is also caused by Flash not liking the mobile platform.I hope you download and enjoy watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report!

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