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Fun with photo is a smart photo effects tool that lets you to instantly convert a simple picture in an impressive sketch (using pencil sketch, color sketch & water color). The user friendly operation and instant resulting feature make the application more appealing among the users. With Fun with photo app, you will be able to instantly add photo effects to an image via “SNAP your pic” or “Choose From Gallery” methods. The “SNAP your pic” button, allows you to capture a new pic via integrated camera and with “Choose From Gallery” you can upload the existing images from picture gallery and edit them accordingly. The application offers you three distinctive sketching mode including Pencil Sketch, Color sketch & water color. If you like the results and want to share it with your friends? Not an issue, the application supports via bluetooth or multiple social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc., which easily let you share the stuff. With such cool features, you can make a boring image looks creative & alluring. Now lets see how it works exactly:1.Choose your image selection mode via capture a pic/ uploading existing pic.2.Once the image has been selected, you could choose any of the photo effect modes as per your wish.3.Apply it and see the results instantly.4.After viewing the final result you could even share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.5.If you did not like the current result, you could click on the reset button and repeat the same steps. The application is extremely creative yet entertaining, try it and show the other side of you to the entire world.

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