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Since wild cats may be dangerous, but it is now easier to play with them. If you are a pet lover, you cant resist having wild cat in the palm of your hand.Wild cats in a very comprehensive and intelligently made on non school going children. Children can enjoy a brand new gallery wildcat "pictures, and even color them according to their own wishes.The Wildcats app makes your child joins a safari adventure of discovery. The children tend to admire the animals. This app is all about big cats: lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, etc. These ultimate fascinating real life animals that had the attention of millions of zoologists icons for ages.Wildcats everything that a child needs to know about the wild animals. By repeating the child can learn quickly and memorize everything wildcat easily.This App exclusively designed for Toddlers, babies, preschool, kindergarten and first grade children. We also have a free Memory Match Game, One Coloring Book with Multiple Wild Cat, One Exclusive Story based on facts and, last but not least, wild cat, which really helps the child to knowledge, and it adds to their capabilities.First of all, there's a story about wild cats, which was based on facts, and the HD pictures is that the child is sure to love. This section is intended for parents who do not storytelling, children and whose kids love to hear and read different stories. The best reading practices.Secondly, already integrated in the Encyclopedia Of Wild Cats, which includes many Big Cats. The children really love the different shapes of the wild cat and the most amazing thing about these facts Wildcats.Third is provided for Free Memory Match Game, comprising color cards and beautiful flip animations. Timing result and compares the current time is the best time, and this makes memory game more addictive. On the other hand, this memory game effectively increases memorizing skills of kids.Fourth, has an integrated 4 pictures in a coloring book for those who love art, painting, coloring, drawing n lines and a creative mind. The children will be able to paint with their fingers and lines. By choosing a color palette, colors, and 3 brush sizes. Purple, pink, yellow, red, black and many other colors are available in the color palette.The child feels as if his visit Zoo. Only Template Magician provides 4-in-1 Apps For Free! If you are Animal lover then you will find more Apps targeting different animals like dinosaurs, lions, tigers, dragons, zebras, cats and many other animals. They are using the app you will feel like a jungle or a jungle safari trip. This app is definitely add up to the child's knowledge.

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