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Very often popular type of young lovers tvarynok are Syrian hamsters and golden hamsters. In the wild they lead an active life at dusk, preferring to rest during the day that basically affects children living at home. Hamster - nocturnal animals, not recommended to bother them in the morning. Hamster usually wake up between 18:00 and 22:00 and active 6 or even 9:00. Pisyaty hamster will be selected by him for this corner of the cell can be accustom his pisaty in special toilet. Cocoa hamsters in the same place sleep and store supplies - in house or nest. Hamster is avtokoprofahami, that can eat their own excrement. The digestive tract of rodents often fail the first time effectively digest vegetarian food. Many nutrients are absorbed into the intestinal wall in the first pass and become available only after prolonged treatment intestinal microflora. Rodents can enhance beneficial effect of food again semidigested eating plants. Correct hamsters not given any unpleasant odors, easily tamed and when ripe to respect them totally bite. Buying a hamster, you should be aware of some features. Female woodcocks Syrian hamsters have virtually no odor, unlike males, wanting to assert themselves, resulting in a thorough label area of the cell. Therefore it is recommended to buy at a couple, if you want to breed hamsters and messing with young cubs. It is important that hamsters were from the same group, otherwise avoid quarrels among different groups of animals that can turn into bites and scratches, and sometimes fatal.For his funny pet cage larger and can be purchased in several tiers and thus select a nice house and pick other accessories for the cell. The question - how to feed Syrian hamsters, the answer is simple - plant grain mixtures for rodents - feed. For example, high-quality full-integrated food for hamsters Padovan (Padovana) Criceti GrandMix, which includes fruits and vegetables, and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

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