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Funny Pictures - The Best brings you the best funny photos from all around the internet, all the pics carefully handpicked. Bored at work? Download the funny photo collection of new funny pictures, jokes, demotivators, Lil Bub, pictures taken at the right moment, de-motivators, de-motivational posters, motivational posters, rage comics, digg, time stop moments, photo bombs, rednek pics, LOL cats.This funny pics app is your destination for anything Funny such as : LOL pets, sign fail, nasty look images, engrish, ugly people faces, girls fail pics, om nom nom, Celebrity epic fails, funny Emo pictures, epic win moments, parenting fails, Lame fails, puns, car crashes, funny mustaches, smiling babes, auto correction stupid fails, WTF, PWNED, funny dressed up pets, best funny jokes photo, tattoo fails, FML, Fat jokes, epic fashion fails. creepy pictures, mullets, LOL text messages and tweets, silly boys and girls photo, trolling, reddit, digg, cute pics, funny memes, TMS, Lill Poop, graph world pics, DERP, cute cats, cute dogs pictures, Damn LOL pics, funny animals, carricature images and crazy pictures. Body-art paint gallery photos, inspiring pictures, Funny Facebook Status Pictures, weird people pictures, naughty images, funny political cartoon pictures, photos for Orkut, Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, Facebook and more, fun facts, Photo tricks.Some scientists have identified areas of the brain associated with the perception of novelty, which are stimulated when faced with "unusual or surprising circumstances". Information is initially received in the hippocampus, the site of long-term memory, where the brain attempts to match the new information with recognizable patterns stored in long-term memory. When it is unable to do this, the brain releases dopamine, a chemical which stimulates the amygdala, the site of emotion, and creates a pleasurable feeling that is associated with the new memory.In other words, fun is created by stimulating the brain with novelty.So download this funny pictures collection for your free pleasure.

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