Furdiburb is a lovable alien virtual pet you can grow to love. Keep this creature happy by feeding him well and cleaning away his giant turds! Explore the beautiful environment and discover magical items and mystical characters.Please be patient with him. He can take days to hatch. Weeks to grow up.Important:* All your data will be lost if you un-install the game. Please use the backup/restore feature if it is available on your device.App permissions explained:Internet Access – For connecting to the Internet. View Network State – For checking your network connection before connecting to the Internet.Storage Access – For letting you save screen-caps of your Furdi to your SD card.Market Billing Service – For letting you buy more Golden Poops.Vibrate Control – bzzz.. for vibrate feedback when interacting with Furdi’s environment. You can turn this off with Menu->Settings.Discover Accounts – This allows us to get a list of the accounts available on your Android device. This is used when you backup and restore your game to and from the cloud.Use Credentials – We use your account credentials to store your backed-up game to the cloud and only allow you access to your save game.Brief Description: A virtual pet adventure game for all ages. Like a tamagotchi but with lots more adventure! Search Keywords: alien virtual pet, adopt a pet, adventure game, pet game, virtuelles Haustier, バーチャルペット, mascota virtual, 虚拟宠物, виртуального питомца, สัตว์เลี้ยงเสมือน, 가상 애완 동물, games for girls, games for boys, games for all agesFurdiburb® by Sheado.nethttp://www.sheado.net/pet

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