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Automatically create mobile data-entry forms from your Google Fusion Tables (http://www.google.com/fusiontables).Please visit http://fusiontablebuddy.appspot.com to start your FREE 30-day trial. After the FREE trial there is a $2.50/month charge to use the service.Note: Enter your full Google account email address in Username field on your Android phone.Features:- Builds data forms from your Google Fusion Tables- Accepts Text, Numeric, Date and Location field types- Accepts Barcode Scans for Text and Numeric fields (ZXing Scanner App needs to be installed)Version 1.3- Fixed bug on available fusion tables and tablet layouts- Made gps location fields editable to allow recording of gps location manuallyVersion 1.2- now works with fusion tables column names with embedded spaces- now accepts numeric data with commasVersion 1.1-Fixed bug where app fails on tablets while getting mobile no.-Fixed bug on skipped records when sending data to Fusion Table-Can now save multiple Fusion Table definitions locally and use this without an internet connection.Version 1.0Corrected Table retrieval error if Username is not the full gmail email. No need for download since this is a server end correction.- Works Offline (Data Entry Mode)- Can review data before sync to Fusion Table- Sync data to fusion tables using WIFI or Mobile connection

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