Fusion Table Wizard


This app relates to Fusion Table Wizard for semi-automagically arranging Google Fusion Tables’ expressions while using multiple screens in MIT App Inventor. The useful tips in this app are placed in the right places, so even user who first faces this app can manage to master it without any further assistance. This app has adopted various kinds of algorithms for diverse arrangements of the expressions unique-designed by many-sided combinations of block components in App Inventor. Specifically, List Pickers used in this app have diverse event triggering functions such as screen transition, other list picker exploration, condition transition, data query and data arrangement. All the query data in existing tables can be placed in the right forms of this app, without writing them, by tapping the button such as ‘Preview Table ID or Col Spec’ and ‘Preview Col Name & Values’ and so on. Furthermore, it is possible to automagically divide data in csv file into columns and rows and arrange data and place them in the right forms in shorten period so as to insert rows. Accordingly, user can manipulate them in quick and easy ways through these algorithms.

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