FUT Trader 12


FUT Trader 12 is the ONLY Android app that lets you buy and sell your players from the Fifa 12 addon ‘Ultimate Team’.In this App you can : Sell FUT players from your Trade PileSearch and Buy Players FUT Players.See your ‘Watch Pile’ and bid on players in real-time.’Filter’ your results to an individual player card – for example, if you want to purchase Messi, you search for Argentinian players that play for Barcelona. You can then filter the results further by selecting ‘Lional Messi’ from the filter pull down to only show auctions for that player. Brilliant!The Trade Search lets you search for by exactly the same criteria as the web portal. This is the first revision of this app and as such, this app does not yet let you bid/sell any items other than players. This will be in the next revision (free upgrade).The next revision will also allow you set alerts when an Auction you are ‘watching’ is about to end so you do not miss out on that bargain player!.The next revision will let you add players from your club to your trade pile ( you will have to do this on the web portal for now ). It will also allow you to send players back to your club. If you enjoy this app please give it a good rating. If you spot any bugs or would like a particular feature, please contact me.

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