G-SHOCK App for Tablet


???????????????????G-SHOCK???????????????REAL TOUGHNESS?????????Android ??????????????????G-SHOCK????????????????5600??????????????????G-SHOCK??????????????????????????????????Twitter?????????G-SHOCK?????????????????? ????? ?????? ????????????????????G-SHOCK?Bluetooth® v4.0???????????????????????????????Alert Notification???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Find Me?Find Me?????????Find Me?????G-SHOCK??????????????????????????Time?????G-SHOCK????????????????????G-SHOCK?GB-6900?????2012?3?16?????????2012?3?1????????? ??????MEDIAS® TAB N-06D??2012?4????????? Twitter?????? ?G-SHOCK????????Twitter????????? Twitter????????????????????????Twitter????????????50?? ?15????????????????????????????Twitter????????????????Twitter?????????? ???????? ?G-SHOCK???????????????????????????5600????? ????????????????????????????????12h/24h????????????????????????????????????????????????Andorid OS 2.3 ???????????????WXGA?1280 x 800?????????????????????????????????????????G-SHOCK that established the genre of toughness to watch. Android tablet for applications that can fully taste is immutable, is the indomitable "REAL TOUGHNESS" appeared!Clock widget popular model is the soul is the origin of the G-SHOCK of the "5600 series".Can be dyed to the world of G-SHOCK the screen "wallpaper", Twitter widget full of original taste and further, is the application of G-SHOCK fan expectation.? Main Features? Display and valid only watch >>> integration settings ? <<< ? support modelI can interlocking setting tablet and corresponding to the v4.0 Bluetooth ® and G-SHOCK.· Alert Notification(Incoming call notification, mail notification settings, such as mail or telephone call, information about the notification of the terminal,Sounding alarm notification, schedule notification sounds, pedometer notification)· Find MeIt sounded the alarm of the terminal in the operation of G-SHOCK of connected,: (Find Me alarm sound set of Find MeI can find the terminal)· TimeSetting to fix the time of the terminal the time of the G-SHOCK of connected? corresponding G-SHOCK GB-6900 (Release Date: March 16 2012)? (1 of March 2012) the corresponding modelIt is expected to release in April tablet DoCoMo MEDIAS ® TAB N-06D ? 2012 a year.? ? Twitter widgetIt is a Twitter widget full of G-SHOCK taste. You can view easily at home screen tweets Twitter!· (50 most recent) Twitter Timeline    ? switching to tweet the next 15 seconds.

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