G4A: Sevens


This app offers three card games which are very similar:Sevens (Fan Tan), Sevens with pass, and the Game of Nines. Although the games are simple and easy to pick up, all three require some skill if you want to get good at it.*** NEW: duplicate play ***When playing online each hand you play is compared with players who played exactly the same hand before you. This mode of play offers exciting competition with other players while still allowing you to play in your own pace.SUMMARY OF THE RULES: Sevens (also known as Fan Tan).The object of the game is to get rid of all your 13 cards by playing them to the layout on the table.The layout consists of one row per suit, starting with the seven. Each suit is ordered from the two to the ace.At your turn you must play one card of your choice to the layout if possible:- You may play any seven, starting a new row for its suit.- You may play any card which is next in sequence up or down to a card of the same suit that is already on the layout. Lower cards are added to the left side of the seven, higher cards to the right.A player who is unable to play a card must pass. The first player to get rid of all of his or her cards is the winner. Scoring:At the end of each game all players are given penalty points equal to the cards left in their hands.If a player reaches 20 penalty points the match is over. The player with the least amount of penalty points wins the match.—About robot play:Some users have complained that the robots "team up" on the human player. This is not the case. The robots do NOT take into account which of their opponents are bots and which is the human player. They do strive to block their opponents though as this is just good strategy, but in no way do they single out the human player.

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