Galaxy Device Encryption (PRO)


Enable full device encryption *without* the need to add an Exchange 2010 ActiveSync account!— * PLEASE TRY THE FREE VERSION FIRST, TO MAKE SURE THIS WORKS FOR YOU! * —Works for the following devices (only!):- Samsung Galaxy S I9000 – Samsung Galaxy Splus I9001- Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100(i) about uninstalling: you have to diable the Device Administrator in Settings->Security first, THEN uninstall the app.If you have any issues, just mail me or post in the XDA forum thread/! This works ONLY on the above mentioned devices and ONLY on 2.3.x (Gingerbread), not 4.0.x ICS/! This does *NOT* work on custom ROMs, it REQUIRES a stock Samsung ROM— There is NOTHING this app could do against this requirement!!!/! This does NOT work with custom kernels, it REQUIRES a stock Samsung kernel— There is NOTHING this app could do against this requirement!!!(a working/compatible custom kernel has been posted on the Device Encryption XDA thread!)(i) Since the userdata is not yet mounted so early (or not yet decrypted) during bootup, your language setting *WILL* revert to the default language of your ROM/FW for the boot-up password entry as the language setting is not yet accessible to the system!– There is NOTHING this app could do against this!!!*** PLEASE ONLY INSTALL THIS APP IF YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE ABOVE WARNINGS ***More info (usage, how it works, what it does) and q&a can be found here: you have passed that challange, this app will let you enable the full device encryption feature Samsungs added to it’s Android 2.3 build for the Galaxy S series.What will be encrypted:- userdata containing all apps, app’s settings and data, system settings and other misc. user data- internal storage (the "internal SD card")- [PRO version] external SD card (optional, can be set)Once encrypted the current lock password needs to entered on boot up to unlock the encryption, without the password it is not possible to access any of the (encrypted) data´, no even with rooting or custom kernel methods!PRO verstion offers the following additional features:- encryption of the external SD card can be enabled- setting of additional policy settings like:* minimum password lenght required* maximum time allowed to be set for screen auto-lock* maximum failed attempts to unlock before auto-wipe* allow use of camera* allow use of bluetooth* allow use of WiFi* allow use of internet sharing (WiFi/USB tether)* allow use of text messages (SMS)Please only complain or comment if you have read ALL of the notes and warnings above and in the app itself, you knew everything that needs to be known BEFORE you installed the app – given you read all the available information provided.After that, ENOJOY! 🙂

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