Galaxy Nexus Flashlight


** Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S only, other devices might work. **[users reported working: Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus G, Motorola Razr, LG Optimus L4, HTC One X, Sony Ericsson WT19i, LG Motion 4G, Samsung Galaxy Note I, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Motorola Droid Bionic, Huawei U8860, LG Optimus L7/P700, HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE]This application uses the LED of the camera at the back of the phone as an flashlight.The GN Flashlight is simple, but beautiful. Overview:-Keep the LED on when switching the application or locking the screen.-Create a notification for fast off-switching of the LED when not in the application itself.-Turn on the LED on application start to save even more time.-It is fast. You do not have to wait for multiple seconds to start the LED flash.-Resizable Widget: Turn on the LED right from your homescreen-Put the widget on your lockscreen (Android 4.2 only)-Customizable widget to make it look like a standard app shortcut in order to integrate it nicer with other app shortcuts on your homescreen(*)-Customizable widget text size (Android 4.1.2+ only)The standard size of the widget is 1×1. However, it can be resized to any size you like. Just tap and hold the widget and resize afterwards.(*) Supported launchers are: Default launcher (AOSP), Nova Launcher, Nova Launcher HD, Holo Launcher, Holo Launcher HD, Apex Launcher.However, in landscape, text below the customized widget is only supported on Nova Launcher, because the others mess up the layout in landscape.Note: If you use the "Mimic launcher shortcut" option, the widget icon will not resize, if you enlarge the widget. Only use this option if you intent to use the widget as 1×1.[Permissions]-Camera – take pictures and videos: Needed to start the camera and turn on the led. Controlling the led is not possible without access to the camera. There are no pictures taken and they could not be uploaded, because there is no permission request to access the internet.** If you encounter any issues, please send a message to my email address or contact me through the website, because I can not answer your comments in the Google Play Store. **

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