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This application for Android OS 2.1 Gallery (I've joined a few modifications.) Is of the type built into the OS runs on a different task. "You start to hide CM Please hit the MENU key." CM to study our lot, so I respect.注)本アプリ仕様で 削除した画像の復活は「recuva」「かんたんファイル復活」等のパソコン版ファイル復活ソフトが有効であることが確認できました。削除のご利用で 困った方はお試しください。 テキストまたはウェブサイトのアドレスを入力するか、ドキュメントを翻訳します。キャンセル音声を聞く発音を表示Chū) hon apuri shiyō de sakujo shita gazō no fukkatsu wa `recuva'`kanta n fairu fukkatsu'-tō no pasokon-ban fairu fukkatsu sofuto ga yūkōdearu koto ga kakunin dekimashita. Sakujo no go riyō de komatta hō wa o tameshi kudasai.Note) resurrection of deleted images in this application specification "recuva" "Resurrection File" Easy confirmed that the PC version is valid files such as software resurrection. Been in trouble, please try deleting your use. Sorry for the inconvenience. Is scheduled for a variety of customization in the future. (It is also preparing a directory for file transfers between ☆.) AU-IS03 is a real advance in production at stable operation with a check to some extent, the available free time. May be suddenly closed, etc. If you have any issues right. In that case, I'm sorry. In the Ekusuperia may have heard, so that applications may be difficult to use and galleries. 1.1.1,1.1.2 1.1.0 Bug fixes 1.1.3 Initial use of the camera changes to a selective enhancement 1.1.4 Camera System, image editing (also work with Adobifotoshopputsuru) 1.1.5 Icon 1.1.6 fix 1.1.7 Intent reach into the surrounding set of images> PDF feature added in 16-card limit 1.2.0,1.2.1 crop solve the problem of moving around adds features 1.2.2 SD card ( theory) 1.2.3 crop (trim) to deliver additional CM 1.2.4 movie (crop) to CM 1.2.5 Edit Image delivery at no additional starts, added description. 1.2.6 small change 1.3.0 to start the video when the camera stops booting. 1.4.0 1) intent of the response to send, add the ability to copy images to specific local. Select a picture "share" to please. 2) When using the delete was fixed and the mismatch occurred and shows the actual status of the file. 1.4.1 Image Copy function in the shared folder where you want to copy the image (which may be any) from the menu "set sendto" to be able to specify the destination image by performing. 1.4.2 the establishment of the Go menu. Go with the additional information in the display copies. 1.4.3 Fixed a crash report as confirmation of the phenomenon. Added 1.4.5 changes in one ad out of the area where the image information. 1.4.8 ANIMATION GIF animation Add 1.5.0 Fixed display problem with the 1.5.2-1.5.3 CM hide store album information on contexts, changing laws to undo the advent 1.5.4 CM position 1.5.5 MOVIE remove the CM CM & PDF creation menu to add additional features PDF creation PDF preview MOVIE hidden folder specified additional results 1.5.6 PDF Create sendto (shared) on the right to add 1.5.7 camera via the camera button (video) when shooting the folder (You can also create new) output can now be specified. 1.5.8 improve the image information around (GIF animation process including) the specified destination remove 1.5.9 Update button to add video images set to 1.5.10, along with new ones in order CROP additional buttons that can sort the size of the check MOVIE 1.6.1 Information to be displayed'm setting a new one in order to sort by size sort CROP confirmed, adding that yesterday MOVIE'm adjusting the display of information 1.6.2 Information screen image is large, scrolling display Delete 1.6.3 PDF output (related license) 1.6.4 changed to 1.6.5, Akira Osamu ads ads do not interfere with the operation. Trimming remove ads

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