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★ Selected as the App of the Year by Times Magazine! ★Hide pictures and videos! (KeepSafe)."Gallery Lock" manages pictures and videos by individually hiding them and it is an app that is absolutely needed for protection of personal privacy. The product is one of the most popular apps in the world and is one of the top 10 apps sold on Google Market.Like us ? Hit the +1 button. Features• Hide Photos & Videos • Folders supported.• Beautiful designs• Stealth Mode supported (a feature hides a launch icon)• Share pictures from Gallery Lock to any applications.• Rotate and zoom features • Slide Show supported.• Mp3 background music playing supported while slide show.• A variery of viewing mode.• Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing • Easy-to-use PIN,Pattern access # (Important!) Before uninstall the Lite version, undo the hide function of the photos and the videos. If you uninstall the program without undoing the hide function or Factory reset of device, the photos and videos will be lost. # Google will make a pre-charge of $1 the first time a transaction is made on Google Market to verify the information on your credit card. This can be misunderstood as being charged twice but there is no need to worry as this pre-charge will not appear on your monthly statement. # It is recommended that you purchase the app after checking to see if the free assessment Lite version runs properly.# "Outgoing Call" permission is needed for Stealth Mode# Method to recover photos when problems occurIf for some reason Gallery Lock does not run, recovery can be made by following the method below.1) Uninstall Gallery Lock2) Download Gallery Lock from the Market and install it.3) Go Setting in the Gallery Lock, Tap "Find/Recover Missing files" menu.4) The missing files will be recovered to /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/recover path.5) run default Gallery application and check whether those files are recovered properly.# Please send an email for any questions that you have. The developer of the app does not have authorization to reply to comments here. (KW:photo valut,video valut,photovault,videovault,image lock,photo lock,image safe,photo safe,protector,stealth,hide photo,kii,stock,Keep Safe,kii safe,hide video,hide pictures,photo locker,vault,hide it,Hide pictures in Stocks App,KeepSafe Vault,secret gallery,gallery,privacy,gallerylock,gallery private,gallery hide,hide gallery,quick pic,quick,ロック)

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