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Normally all digital images are display in a flat two-dimensional (2D) image space. However, the three dimensional (3D) techniques exist that allow users to interact and walk through a virtual environment in mobile device using openglES. So this application, an interactive virtual three dimensional (3D) photo gallery on mobile device is presented. The system will allow users to take pictures with the mobile device and exhibit in the form of virtual 3D gallery and navigate or walk through in the gallery by pressing the button or moving the device. The device has the computational unit which is capable of determining motion data from the g-sensor or accelerometer sensor. The motion data describes the movement of the device including a rotation of the device. Therefore, the benefit of the sensor could be applied such as modifying the view displayed on the screen vertically or horizontally automatically. Also the system can detect tilting left – right device for viewing image and navigating in the virtual 3D Gallery as well. The result shows that the interactive virtual 3D photo gallery contains digital photos taken by a user and the user can navigates through the gallery by pressing buttons or moving the mobile device.

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