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Paid ad-free version available !!!***Recent changes***1.35- winter mode of game- 5 new play card background (only in Pro version)- many errors fixedDo you have small children? Do you want to develop childrens memory, observation and other skills? Then for you and your children is intended this game.The game is mainly intended to play on tablets, but of course it works on phones.The game consists of five separate games:Memory game – develop memoryShoot the balloon– develop observation, colour ,letters and numbers recognitionPuzzle – develop the perception of the objectFind it! – develop observationGuess combination – develop memoryEach of the games has several difficulty levelThe game is in a nice graphical form and accompanied by great sound.Description of individual games:Memory gameThe classic game in which you are looking for two of the same pictures on playing cards. The game allows you to select from three picture themes (animals, fruit, vehicles) and allows you to view the 12 pairs, 8 pairs or 4 pairs of cards on the screen.Shoot the balloonUsing touches on the screen you shooting balloons. The game offers four levels. In the first balloons are shooted by color, in the second by number, in the third by letters and in the last by color and a number or letter at the same time.PuzzleIn this classic game the player assembles a picture from the puzzle pieces. You can choose whether you want assemble the picture from 36 or 12 pieces and you can select 6 different animal images to solve. The game allows you to hide and show a helper image and helper grid.Find it!The player must find the searched symbol in five seconds. In the case of failure he left one life. In the case of success, the game add some points including a time bonus points and new image to find, is shown. The game ends with exhaustion time-out or loss of all lives. The difficulty is selected by selecting a number of playing fields and selection according to what the player has to find, whether by the picture, the picture and the words or just only words.Guess combinationPlayer’s task is to remember a combination of displayed images as they go behind. After hide pictures, the player attempts to repeat the winning combination by dragging and dropping playing cards to the free fields before the specified time expires. After the game time expires, the game evaluates, and the player will receive points.In case of problems or ideas, please contact me at pavblazek@gmail.comIf you like the game, support the game by giving a positive review here on the market.KEY WORDS: HD game,kids memory game, memory game, matching game, preschool, educational games, best kids games, best educational games for kids, preschool education, numbers game, letter game, alphabet games, numbers memory game, alphabet memory game, animals game, fish game, ladybug game, candy game, candy shop, duck game, duck memory game, animals sound effects, animal sounds, memory game, funny memory game, cute memory game, games for kids, memory game, match game, matching pairs,kids best memory game, kids, alphabet for kids, preschool, educational games, memory game for education, kids education, alphabet, letters for kids, memory game, game for kids, preschool education, best educational memory game words pronunciation, alphabet for kids, easy alphabet, learning letters

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