Gaming App Construction Kit


G.A.C.K. (gaming app construction kit – also gack) is an App where you create games without any programming knowledge. Ranging from shoot-em up games to jump&run games – it’s all possible. And all this is done with an easy to use touch-user interface. This is where developing is the real fun.The dream of your own game has come into reach. Best of all, the interface is as easy to use as building with LEGO(c). Thus, even the kids can independently tinker on games.The games can reach very good quality. However, you might get faster and yet better results targeting for graphics in the style of 8-bit Atari VCS 2600, C64 or CPC464 computer games.With this full version you can convert your games into real Apps and sell them on the iOS, WebOS and Android markets!? easy to use (9 )? no programming? runs on various devices? shoot ’em ups? jump & runs? skill gamesRequirements:-Needs a 800×600 screen, at least-Multitouch support required

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