Garfield cat puzzle


This is a very easy to use fun puzzle, from simple to advanced, while challenging, you can see the world’s most beautiful cat, and now immediately download to make these cute little guys give you a lot of fun it.The photo will be cut into 3×3 or 4×4 or 5×5 disarranged pieces. You must put all puzzle pieces at the correct position. You can press “Hint” to check the whole photo to see the information of the animal. When you complete it, you can set the photo as your wallpaper and go to next game.We love to hear how much you love Jigsaw Puzzles. Here’s a few reviews from around the world from our great users.* GAME FOR KIDS *Drag the pieces to the right place in order to recreate the picture !* Friendly user interface;* New high score;* Share with your friends;* Set as your wallpaper;* The pictures are very beautiful.More games are coming, if you have any feedback, please mail me, thanks & enjoy!Keywords:kids puzzle, Garfield, Puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, animal puzzle,

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