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GATE Trainer is Android Application for preparing GATE Exams with most efficient way. Practise test from the most easiest question to the most difficult questions. Learn from mistakes. Compare your knowledge with other people. Features:- difficulty level information in each question.- automatic adjustment on difficulty level based on usage statistics.- 3 standards test mode based on difficulty level: easy (for beginner), medium, difficult(for expert).- 1 adaptive test mode.- Hall of Fame, compare your score (knowledge) with other people.- Review latest test for incorrect answer (available on limited version)NOTES:- Test Materials are submitted by users around the world. If you find problem with test material, please contribute by informing correction, submitting new material, etc. – This app may not be compatible with rooted device and custom ROMS. Known problem is Nexus 7 (grouper/tilapia).PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED:- Internet Access: for data synchronization and ads- Coarse Location: to notify you if you are in the country where we have other app version (e.g. full version), usually under coverage of certain operator – Discover Known Account: to automatically put your name when you want to post your score in our hall of fame (you can still skip posting the score or change your name).- Read phone state and identify: to protect our test content in the device from piracy. no personal sensitive personal information is taken. (see

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